Web Host Recommendation: DownTownHost.com

My pick is DownTownHost.com : FrontPage, PHP, CPanel, Unlimited Addon Domains (Multiple Domain Hosting), $5/mo @ 3 year billing.

Listed in WebHostingTalk as one of the Hosts with >5 years in the market without a negative review.
"I have been with them over a year now. The support still goes above and beyond and has that personal touch which many do not have. I mean they make you feel more like a person or a friend then a customer. its been that way every time I have contacted them. Some thing I should mention about downtown host is every problem I have had has been worked out in one way or another. … I actually talked to them this morning on live chat and they are just as friendly and have a much better live support, I mean the software is better, faster and every thing." "I ended up choosing Downtownhost. They have been EXCELLENT ME so far, you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff they did for me, they practically have went OVER THE TOP. "

Also ran (however, more expensive, not as feature rich)
Pear Networks: FrontPage on Advanced Accounts (or higher), PHP, $30 setup,  $17.95 /mo,   8% off for 1 year


From WebHostingTalk: Hosts with >5 years in the market without negative reviews

http://ez1host.com or http://www.techark.com/


Additional Large Hosts (mixed reviews):
DreamHost, HostGator (generally good reviews, larger storage capacity), GoDaddy (generally positive but mixed reviews, iPowerWeb type complaints).

GoDaddy – FrontPage/ASP (no php), Multiple Web sites, $6.99/mo, 2 year billing available. "godaddy are huge and from what I hear from this forum, are not the best when it comes to support and overselling."

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  1. editor says:

    We have tried a few webhosting companies in your list. Here is my summary review.

    1. Godaddy.com is pretty cheap but I believe their domain registrar is better than their hosting. The problem about their hosting is that the tech support may give you different answers which may not always be right. They really need a live online chat support. We had a few problems with the set up.
    2. Mosso.com control panel is not too good as you need to do a lot of self coding. The server set up is a bit confusing and didnt work well for us. Mosso.com wasn’t really too helpful and we closed the account after a couple of months.
    3. startlogic.com people are quite nice and overall the servers are decent.
    4. Hostgator.com is overall good with a helpful customer service. Servers are a little on the slow side.
    5. Cartikahosting.com. is highly NOT recommended. I read a lot of reviews before trying them out and concluded their positive reviews are written by themselves. After trying their services, the servers had an intermittent problem where the servers would stall or go on error quite often but in short periods throughout the day. The control panel freezes up. The company seems to just have one person behind a computer although this person changes names. Overall, the customer service was very friendly when we started but after 3-4 months we found them very rude and not knowledgeable.

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